2010 D Show Augmented Reality

2010 D Show Augmented Reality Award Book

2010 D Show Augmented Reality Invite

Let me the quote the press release: “The fourth annual D Show is gearing up as Detroit’s ad agencies, production houses and independent artists gather their very best work (…) for the annual celebration of Detroit creativity. Sponsored by the Adcraft Club of Detroit, the D-Show has evolved beyond recognition of the area’s best advertising to include almost any local creative work experienced by a substantial audience. Last year’s Best of Show honoree, ‘The Art of War’ created by Universal Images, joins other winners on a free smart phone app created to promote the 2010 D Show. Using the Junaio augmented reality platform and your phone camera, you can wander the streets of Detroit to discover previous D Show winners and click through to a description of their creative work.” And let me add: very good execution of the creative brief to showcase the innovative work in a way never seen before. Here´s a very nice article about this “new twist on old marketing venue“.

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