Mopar 75th

Agency: Union AdWorks
Creatives: Anne Gahagan and Michele Hudak
Agency producer: Kathi Strace

More cool cars with the ace Art Directing of Tim Marrs, who rocked his shizzle on my Audi’s ‘A day in the Life of an Audi Driver’ last year. Using vintage and new footage from Mopar, the mighty Nick Hristou created a fast paced live action edit taking us through the years. Each scene was then transformed by Tim before passing it onto animation and compositing to bring all the textures and depth in the scenes to life.

Director: Chris Curtis
Art Director: Tim Marrs
Producer: Adriana Piasek-Wanski/Belle Buckley
Executive Producer: Michael Adamo
Agency: Union AdWorks
Producer: Kathi M. Strace
Creative Team: Anne Gahagan and Michele Hudak
Editor: Nick Hirstrou
Production Company: Passion Pictures
CG Co-ordinator: Mark Harper/Wassila Lmouaci
Animators/Creative Compositors: Dickon Knowles
Stephane Coedel
Johnny Still
Ray Lewis
Andy Hauge
Rotoscopy: Ray Lewis


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