The 2012 Chrysler 300 Ruyi

Chrysler special edition of its 300 sedan to the 2012 Beijing Auto Show to mark the automaker’s reentry into the lucrative Chinese market. The Chrysler 300 Ruyi features custom touches designed specifically for Chinese car buyers. Meaning “as one wishes,” the Ruyi symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, and is often represented as a curved decorative object, such as a scepter.

Chrysler 300 Ruyi_Coversm

Chrysler 300 Ruyi_Spread1sm

Chrysler 300 Ruyi_Spread2sm

Chrysler 300 Ruyi_Spread3sm

Chrysler 300 Ruyi_Spread4sm

Chrysler 300 Ruyi_Spread5sm

Chrysler 300 Ruyi_Spread6sm

Full book: ruyi in readers

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  1. lisa

    Great book, love the color palette

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